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PP Nonwoven bags, Color printing Shopping bagsPP Nonwoven bags, Color printing Shopping bags of Chinese information

PP Nonwoven bags, Color printing Shopping bags


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Production notes:

We will take the shortest time in possible, with reliable quality, favorable price, to provide the best quality products.

Product Information:

Non-woven bags, also known as non-woven bag is a kind of green products, resilient and durable, handsome in appearance, breathable and can be reused, can washing, can be screen printing ads, logos, use a long period, suitable for any company, any industries as advertising, gift purposes. Consumers shopping at the same time, get a fine non-woven bag, and the merchants in order to obtain the invisible advertising, the best of both worlds, so non-woven more and more popular in the market.

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Inquiry Tip: in order to be able in the shortest time possible for you to provide more than the most accurate quotation Products, we hope you will tell us the following:

1. You are planning to order the number of;
2. You hope that we can at what time of delivery to you;
3. What you need fabric specifications and color;

For more information on this product, please contact us. MSN: zjbag@msn.com

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